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'Batman & Robin' was kind of a shipwreck of a DC movie, but at least it brought us the gloriousness of Arnold Schwartznegger's Mr. Freeze and his long list of bad 'ice' puns.

If you haven't heard them, then YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS.

This used to be the governor of my state, you guys.

Anyway, what was your favorite Batman movie? Was do you guys think about Ben Affleck's version?

And most importantly, who else is SUPER stoked for 'Justice League'? (Yassss. Ezra Miller, yassss.)
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@danidee you made the right choice. he would have terminated you had you done otherwise
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@ctsr1 Bah dum chhhhhh.
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I think my favorite is the dark night because of Heath Ledger. I loved The Joker to begin with but seeing Heath as The Joker made me fall in love....
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@MichelleHolly What's your favorite Heath as the Joker scene?
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loved this
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