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These 4 sassy ladies are my favorites. My bias right now is the leader, Solar, but the other members are creeping up the list. The maknae Hwasa is the most outgoing, crazy one of the group I feel like and I love their music so much! They're my # 1 girl group on my list. Here's some of their songs. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
The group debuted with this song in 2014. It's one of my favorite songs.
The "Piano Man" MV is probably my favorite Mamamoo MV out of the rest of them. And I like the jazzy vibe the girls give when they sing. It gets me all happy and stuff 😆
Hwasa's blonde hair was everything to me when I saw this MV! Why must they do this to me?!
A lot of people said they dislike "1cm". But why though?! I was addicted to it when it first came out! My sister won't let me download it and it makes me upset! The MV is funny, sassy, Mamamoo style stuff. I enjoy it a lot!
Did I say Piano Man was my favorite MV, well that changed after this came out earlier this year. I still listen to it and watch this MV when I can. Can Mamamoo stop? Nope? Okay!
I've never been so obsessed with a commercial in my life! These girls are so amazing I really want them to succeed and become a widely known group around the world!
I HAVE A CONFESSION TO MAKE! I have a girl crush on Mamamoo! Have any of you ladies felt this way about any girl group or female idol? Well, Mamamoo is the first. I hope some of you will fall in love with Mamamoo like I have. Next Sunday I will post another Mamamoo card with funny moments or some "Mamamoo On Crack" stuff or a mix of both.
I talk about the male idol groups more often than the female groups and I just felt that I needed to show these girls some love. They can't be ignored. #girlpower💁🏻