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SHINee fanmeet in Dallas 2016!!!!~
Just goin to say that I had the best time in my life since SHINee is the first k-pop group I ever listened, they're the ones who introduced me to this wonderful world
I couldn't take more pictures because my phone started to act stupid and well who has time to fix their phone when you're looking at your husband on stage(?)
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Yeah, ik and I thought that they were going to say random seat AT the fanmeet but ugh , it was really unfair, i feel like I should send a letter to SM to complain XD but I'm not that mean so I'll let it pass this once
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@JayRaider I thought they were too but it's okay I got to see them live for the first time and I'm so happy
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@JayRaider to me real fans wouldn't complain about anything that idols do that is for the fans.
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I agree, so ungrateful smh@LeannePratt
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