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1M @ KCON LA 2K16

1M choreographers attended #KCONLA16 and it was amazingly entertaining. They are my favorite dance studio and have been for a long while now. The eight choreographers that attended KCON LA was Bongyoung Park, Lia Kim, Mina Myoung, May J Lee, Eunho Kim, Junsun Yoo, Sori Na and Kris White. Backstage, the 1M family just hung out, chatted among one another and took their breaks. They taught a fun and upbeat choreography to their fans. They also filmed "The Show with Kris" including all of the choreographers. During the Q&A session, some fans were allowed to write a question and who the question was directed to on a post-it note and stick it to a board. Each choreographer got one question chosen each (chosen by Kris) and i directed my question torwards Bongyoung Park (ofc..) and my question was chosen! i was so happy mine was chosen because it almost felt like i was talking directly to him.. in case any of you are wondering what the question was, it was "What was your favorite couple choreography?" It wasn't exactly the most entertaining question, but i was very curious because at the time, my favorite one was "Company" (Justin Bieber). They also played fun and entertaining games for the fans and even had dance battles for the fans to participate in. When it was time for the choreographers to dance up on the main stage, there was such a huge crowd, but i still managed to get to the front with a great view and high touch every single one of them. They went to go sell clothes to those at KCON from the "KORE" brand. They are such sweet people to be around, its truly heart-warming. They're just normal people living their dream. They were so surprised by how many people came to support them at KCON LA. Lia Kim was so grateful, she started crying when she was giving a closing speech at the very end of KCON LA 2016. She even made Mina tear up. Being able to actually hang out and do fun activities with the 1M family, was a great experience on its own. I've always dreamt of meeting the 1M fam and now i have. Hopefully in the future i will get to see them soon (maybe when i go to South Korea).... at the 1MILLION dance studio. Thank you so much for reading this, this is actually my first ever card on vingle.. so im kind of a noob LOL. IM SO SORRY FOR NOT TAKING PICS OF MOST OF MY TIME WITH 1M, MY PHONE DIED (rip).
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woo welcome to the vingle family! hope you enjoy the app and also your story was so amazing the pictures too at least you could attend kcon unlike me (sorry for been salty about that 😂) but yeah so lucky though and that your question got picked yesss 🎉
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