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You can't go to Monsta X or any other group for that matter and say "you got no jams." This is why some people hate ARMY. Jimin doesn't even like that being said to him. Some of you guys need to grow up. Stop being immature. Because right now? I, an ARMY, can see why people hate our fandom. Also stop calling Taehyung an Alien he hates that shit too. Stop being a fucking idiotic sack of shit, treat idols like humans, and most of all don't complain about people hating ARMY of you act like little bitch fucks.
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What happen with Monsta x?
@reyestiny93 an army went to monsta x's fan meet I think and yelled at the members "you got no jams!"
at kcon la yesterday
@xojuliettexox wow honestly I taught international army's where better than this... thank you for telling me
No problem c: