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You can't go to Monsta X or any other group for that matter and say "you got no jams." This is why some people hate ARMY. Jimin doesn't even like that being said to him. Some of you guys need to grow up. Stop being immature. Because right now? I, an ARMY, can see why people hate our fandom. Also stop calling Taehyung an Alien he hates that shit too. Stop being a fucking idiotic sack of shit, treat idols like humans, and most of all don't complain about people hating ARMY of you act like little bitch fucks.
I know this may come out wrong but if they wanted to act like that don't let those army's ruin your fun time at KCON, having that hate can bring you down into a negative mood... so what I am saying is ignore those army's and be the best god damn kpop fan you can be
@SimplyAwkward Agree 馃槅 But I understand you @jeppblackmen where you come from because I know it's sad seeing a fandom do something that is not called for because it ruins the name of not just that one person or people but the whole fandom. I have to be honest I'm not a big fan of that fandom (doesn't mean I dislike all army!!). I love BTS and like armys that are respectful. & as a Monsta X fan I can tell you that I hope Monbebe & Army could get along and not start any problems just because of that one person or ppl.
I get what you mean. I also hate it when people talk shit about ARMY because I'm also an ARMY. In all honesty I would've thought that those who still say "you got no jams" or call Taehyung and Alien would've stopped by now. But I guess not. If people know that Jimin and Taehyung don't like people saying that they should understand and stop. After all they are still humans
why do people do such stupid things. the thing about Jimin having no jams that was meant as not an insult but it was a joke a. way of picking at him Army crazy rude and disrespectful for no reason and I love BTS but sometimes you get sick of it but I expected better out of the US Army. especially what they did to Monster X
I heard the same thing happened at KCON NY red carpet event. Someone screamed Jimin you got no jams, I went to Kcon NY but not the red carpet event because I didn't get it.
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