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ok so I just beat deemo and I have to say the ending is probably the saddest thing ever it made me cry it made my heart hurt but I also found out there's a level 11 song and another book that you get once you play it
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so you finally learned the true identity of Deemo and the sleeping lady? on a scale from 'Jager' to 'Oshiete yo' how you fellin?
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no I haven't @ctsr1 yes you do and I don't really get the scale reference but it's incredibly sad does anyone want to know how it ends? @xxreacti0nxx
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'jager' - a reference to Shingeki no Kyojin. 'oshiete yo' - reference to Tokyo Ghoul. I beat the game a long while ago though.
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ok and I didn't like either of those shows I never went past 3 on either one
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omg I love deemo but I havent played the rest cause I gotta pay
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