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I was tagged to do this challenge by @OtakuDemon10 !! How you can play : name 10 people (tag) you would kiss, then tag 10 other people to play the game too!! Rules : 1.) If your tagged then you have to do it! 2.) It can be anyone. (real/fake) 3.) Make sure you tell where they're from (anime, game, ect) 4.) Have fun!!!

Mine are in no order!

Lavi ~ D. Gray man & D. Gray man Hallow!

Inuyasha ~ Inuyasha!

Tomoe ~ Kamisama kiss!

Hakuya ~ mikakunin de shinkoukei

Rin ~ Blue exorcist!

Kaneki ~ Tokyo Ghoul!

Yato ~ Noragami

Hak ~ yona of the dawn!

Allen Walker ~ D. Gray man & D. Gray man Hallow

Natsu ~ fairy tail

Extra! In order of pic! 1 Natsume ~ Natsumes book of friends 2 Yuske ~ brother conflict 3 Howl ~ howls moving castle 4 Link ~ legend of Zelda series 5 General Cross - D. Gray man
Tagging my ten! (Also sorry I ran out of picture room on my card 馃槄馃槄 I had many more pictures) @Boinx @alliepetey @BlackDragon88 @AngelMartinez1 @VoidX @AimeBolanos @BlackoutZJ @SimplyAwkward @SantaraJones @hikaymm
Twice now.
yes.... so... much.... yes.......
I don't know who to tagg
yes no ..... idk 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
@LateefMolette that's part of the game so yes if you want to
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