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Some Alpaca Cards I drew, I totally adore those animals *___* If you like my art, please visit my facebook fanpage: www.facebook.com/atnhia
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Drawing is the best, it makes so much fun. I`m from Germany, so please excuse my mistakes, it is of course not my native language. Where are you from? :)
@Nhia I'm from Seattle ~~ but I really want to visit Korea >.< Which part of Germany do you live? It must be really cool to live in Germany!~~
Seattle sounds nice as does Korea :) I live in the west, but it doesn`t really make so much difference since Germany isn`t that big :D And yeah, I kinda like Germany.
@Nhia Haha ~~ I would love to visit Germany too! What do you like the most about Germany~~?
That`s a difficult question... I guess I don`t really have an answer...