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What do you get when you take the original Space Jam plot, throw in the Brooklyn Nets' guard Jeremy Lin, and replace Bugs Bunny with Naruto?

YouTube star Ryan Higa's amazing 'Space Jam 3' spoof video!

In true Michael Jordan form, Jeremy Lin quits the NBA to pursue his true passions - watching anime and gaming all day.

However, when the stars of Japan's classic animes need his help learning basketball, things take a turn for the *LOL*.

I don't want to spoil it, but if you're even a casual fan of Lin, Space Jam, or anime, you've GOT to check out the full clip.

Am I the only one that wants this to become a real movie someday?

@danidee clever as always, classic higa!
Ryan Higa is so funny😊😊
when he was stretching his arm at the end I thought he was going to say "Gomu Gomu" like Luffy lol
@DasiaB LMAO I like the ending. Especially his face.
ah yes!!! I loved this video!!! and yes this would make a great movie!!
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