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Eternity (Vixx FanFic Book 2)

Chapter 8 ************* I opened my eyes to see Master Leo sleeping soundly. His breathing was steady and slow pace. I awed over his face structure. "Checking me out, I see" his soft husky voice startled me. He smirked and pulled me closer. Kissed my forehead and then my nose. I wasn't sure if I was able to talk to him with out stuttering. But he didn't seem to mind the silence. "I-I'm s-s-sorry about yester-d-day" I apologize to him. He cupped my check and ran the tip of his thumb across my cheekbone. "There's no need to be sorry. If anything I should be sorry. I hurt you and my anger got to me" His eyes spoke many emotions. "Mast-" "No, I should have talked to you instead of taking everything out on you. I haven't learned to control my emotions around you. You make feel somethings that I never felt before." He paused and looked into my eyes before sighing. "When I was young, I was kidnapped by people who were after my parents. Those people treated me how you were treated with your past Master's. Last night I treated you like how they treated me. And I promise I will never treat you like that again." I was going to take his word for it. I would want a repeat of last night but not how it started. There was a knock on the door. It opened to show Master N. He didn't seem to happy. "Oh good you two are awake. Get dress and get down stairs. Now!!" He shouted as his red eyes pierced through us. He shut the door with a slammed. Master Leo got out of the bed butt naked. He went to his dresser and threw me a shirt and pants. I thanked him and rushed to get the clothes on. We made our way down the stairs and meet the others in a room where Master N was sitting a throne like chair. We stood there awkward and in silence. "All of us besides you two were out and we all came home with vases and glass all over the floor. Can you tell me why?" Master N voice made me shiver. In the corner of my eye I could see Master Leo with his usual face expression, like he wasn't fazed by Master N power over us. "I-I-It wa-s-s my f-fault M-M-Master N" I spoke up. They all looked at me. Taking a deep breathes to calm myself down before speaking. They except Master Leo was waiting for my explanation. "My parents came to the house because Master Dongchul, one of my ex Master's gave them the address to this house. Master Leo invited them in and they said they want me to come back home. But thats when I started throwing things around. I didn't want them around me" Master N stared at me. I bowed my head in shame. "Areum, you know whats happens to you right?" "Yes Master N" "Then what is it?" He asked. I was shaking. "I asked a question and I expected an answer!!" He yelled as it echoed through the room. "T-To b-e-e p-punish M-M-Master N" "HakYeon" Master Leo said as they were communicating with there minds.  Master N stood up from the seat. He walked towards me and grabbed a fist full of hair. Walking and also be dragged against my will, I ended up back in the dungeon basement. "Kneel" Master N said with venom dripped in the word. I did what I was told and waited for him. He put the rusty cuffs on around my wrist again. "You know why I'm punishing you Areum?" "Because I made a mess in the house Master N" I said to him. I looked up to see Master Leo, Nisha, and the other Master standing there watching us. Master Leo looked like he was going to rip Master N to pieces. "As leader of this coven, I have to punish you for unwanted behaviour. I already know Leo punished you but it is my saying what I need to do best for my coven. Do you understand Areum?" "Yes Master N" "Good, I need you to count for me alright" "Yes Master N" I heard a whipping noise. I'm asumming it was the same one Master Leo used on me last night. I felt the leather whip though the clothes that I was wearing. "One" Another whip "two" Staring into Master Leo yes as I counted through my punishment. When it came to the last one, I shut my eyes tight to prepare myself but I didn't feel it. I noticed Master Leo was hovering over me as Master N whipped him instead. "Leo!!" I heard a growl from Master N. "I can't let you punish what is mine!" Master Leo growled back at his brother. Nisha took the opportunity to come towards me and undo the cuffs. She helped me up and led me to my room, where she started a bath for me. We sat there in silence as she help bathe me. There was yelling and loud bangs down stairs. Pulling my knees up to my chest, I let out a sob. "Hey there's no need to cry. I'm sure everything will work out. I promise. HakYeon only needed to do what is best and was to punish for bad behavior. Trust me, I was punished too but yours was different from mine though." "How?" I asked her. She laughs as the memories come back to her. "We were having a heated make out session in the library and he told me not to drop my arms and I did that three times until he had enough and punished me in his room. Its funny because Leo didn't treat me how he treats you. He treated me like I was a slave, even called me slave." "The first I meet him was in the dungeon. He choked me and told me to learn my place. Ravi thought he was slick enough to try and have me on the first night, Leo made HakYeon jealous by touching me but he received punishment for that." She told me her memories of how it was for her first time here. "Was that why you told me that you didn't want Ravi to come in the room?" I asked her as I dried myself off. She handed me my clothes and laughed. "Yeah. I feel sorry for his future mate. She's gonna have to deal with his horny ass everyday." "You know, isn't all of them horny. Master Leo and I are basically at it every night." "Thats true, so is HakYeon and I." We both shared our laughs together and walked out of the bathroom. Master Leo was sitting there on the bed. I didn't realized that the yelling and banging stopped. Nisha excused herself and went to find Master N. "Areum?" Master Leo said, making a motion for me to sit next to him. "Areum, I want you to listen carefully okay?" He said taking my hands into his. "Yes Master Leo" I felt something in my gut telling me something was going to happen but I tried to put it to the side. "I need you to be good for them okay. I'm leaving for awhile and I won't be around the house. So I need you to be on your best behavior okay. Can you do that for Daddy?" I felt my devastation crumbling down. He was leaving me when I needed him the most. I felt the tear forming. A couple leaked and he went to brush them away but I pushed his hand away. "Why are you leaving? Why now when I need you the most?" "Areum" he warned me but gave me a soft expression that he wanted to confort me. He tried to pull me close to him but I stood up. "Don't touch" I said though the tears and the sniffing of my nose. I turned away from him, so he wouldn't have to see me cry. "Areum...Baby, I don't want to leave either but I have no choice. HakYeon and I need time away from each other." He turned me to face him and held me in place. "Now be good. When I come back and know that you been good, Daddy will give you a treat okay?" He tried looming into my eyes but I looked down. "Yes Daddy, I'll be good" with that he wiped away my tears and kissed my forehead before walking out of the house. When I was sure he was gone, I crawled myself in the bed with the blanket over my head and cried. ~LEO P.O.V~ I couldn't forgive myself for leaving her like that. Every step I took, I wanted to run back to her and confort her. I walked into the building that was very familiar to me. The loud music echoing through the walls, the sweaty bodies grinding against each other, the lights blinding you from seeing. I walked up to the bar and greeted by no other then Jongin. "Leo its nice to see you here, is Nisha with you?" He asked me as I gave me my usual resting bitch face. "No why would I care about her anyways." "Man, I was hoping I could hang out with my best friend" he pouted as I rolled my eyes. "Why are you here?" "I need to talk to Suho?" He nod and told me to wait as he made a call to the back room. He talked and gave me a side glance from here to there before hanging up the phone and coming back to me. "Suho will see you now" he said as I nod. I made my way to the back room, like I have multiple times before for business. Suho was surrounded by his gaurd dogs and his mate Lay. "Hello Leo, what brings you here?" He asked me as I took a seat. I was offered a drink and took it. I sipped it before setting it on the table and staring at him for awhile. "I need a place to stay for awhile?" "Why here when you can go to your parents house?" "Because I need to keep a close eye on things and I don't want the council breathing down my neck at the sametime." "I see, well we do have an extra spare room that you can use. I'll have Baekhyun  show you to your room." He said. Baekhyun stood up and I followed him to my rom which was smaller then the one at the house but it would do. The walls were sound proof so that was a pro. Baekhyun left me in the humble room as I made myself comfortable. This was only temporarily, until HakYeon calms down and I know what Dongchul is up too. I laid on the bed as it squeeks from my body shifting on it. I closed my eyes and wondered how my baby was doing.
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