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Genre: Angst, Romance, Angels, Fallen Angels, Supernatural, Demons, Vampires. Pairings: 🤔🤔 Summary: Demons thrive on life energy and fear, Vampires thrive on blood. Two beings coexist , but should never meet. Chapter: One A/N: This is inspired by Exo's Monster. Since I love OT12, imma included Lutaoris. Enjoy! _____________________________________ "Earth to Thea, hellooo? Anybody in there?" Isabella asks snapping her fingers in front of Thea's face making her flinch. "Gotcha, whats wrong? You were day dreaming again" Isabella questions stirring her coffee with sugar. "Oh! Im sorry....i don't know whats gotten into me lately" Thea mummers looking down at her ice cappuccino. She could have sworn about five minutes ago it looked appetizing. "Could it be lovveee?" Isabella asks giggling at her friend who gave her a grossed out look. "Love? Hah! You of all people know love is a joke Elle" she responds jabbing the straw into her cappuccino. Isabella laughs out loud , her blue orbs trailing to her ex, who sat not to far from the duo in the small cafe. His features were striking and sharp. He looked like a perfect being in her eyes. Thea clears her throat gaining the girls attention. "What? Don't give me that look!" Isabella groans taking a sip of her coffee. "Ugh fine i will! Only if you admit you still have feelings for him" Thea states. The thought of love revolted her but the look on her friend portrayed true love, she felt the adoration radiating off of her. The same feeling she had when she was too a victim of love. "Hn...fine yes i do but its small" she promises as Thea nods. She didn't want to spoil to her friend the true pain of love. She tried but Isabella was to winded up in the spell of love to see straight. "Well, enough of that. Lets worry about exams. We need to study or i swear to god were going to fail. And you know i cant fail! I need that internship" Thea states getting up slowly , totally loosing appetite. All the talk about love has gotten her queasy. "Well, i passed midterms by studying with...Kris." She says cringing. "Who's Kris?" Thea asks opening the door wide for her. "Uhh, my neighbour" she replies slowly making Thea quirk ab eyebrow in question. "And? Spit it out Elle" Thea says rolling her eyebrows. She looks down the road waiting for the light. "Well, he is this hottie. Complete hottie! Uh...wait what was i saying?...er as i was say-" Isabella rambles. Thea looks back to the light then everything seemed to move in slow motion. Across the road to the other end stood a figure wearing all black. His hood hanging over his face leaving his chin and mouth showing. Thea couldn't point out what was off about him except that his aura was different and....weird. Something she hasn't felt in a while. The crowds began to walk as Thea subconsciously grabs Isabella's hand as they to move forward. Thea drowns out everything around her as she focuses on the figure coming closer. The figure seemed to act normal and Thea scoffed to herself thinking she was overreacting. But just as they brushed each other she caught a glimpse of a sickeningly sweet smirk plastered on his lips. She felt her insides twist and the feeling of fear consumed her entire body. She felt tingling sensations all over her body. They finally made it to the other sidewalk. She turns around looking for the figure. But he was no where in sight. "Thea? Thea! Whats wrong?!" Isabella asks grasping her tightly as Thea began wobbling. "I c-cant.....b-b-breathe" She nearly chokes as Isabella users her to a side making her lean against a building as she controlled her breathing. "Thea, what do you want me to do! Whats wrong man!" Isabella says panicking. Thea chuckles regaining her posture as she gets up. "Im fine....i think it was a panic attack or anxiety attack" she assures as they began to slowly walk down the streets. "Why?" She asks keeping up with her strides. "I don't know....say Elle..did you notice a shady figure when we were crossing the street?" She asks casually. Isabella scrunches her eyebrows in thought before raising up her finger as if she has gotten an idea. "You mean the buff guy with butt loads of tattoos? Yea he was ho- i mean he sure did look shady...not that i was looking" she utters fast. Thea laughs at her friend hiding the sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. Only she saw him.. Who was he? And why could she only see him? It didn't make sense. "Anyway, you were saying something about someone named Kris?" She asks a they make the quick turn left near Isabella's apartment complex. "Oh yea, that guy is such a flirt! Man! Ive never seen him flirt with anyone else cuz he barley comes out but he flirts a lot with me! And not only that i think half of the time he is hitting one me" she says huffing. "Oh, thats not bad. Lets go ask him if he can tutor us" Thea says determined. "No! Im actually afraid of that freak Thea" she says "don't worry, i'll be there remember? It'll be fun" she assures as the enter the lobby. "Oh and one last thing about the guy....he had this weird mark...i think he is in a gang or something"
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