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Folks. I hate to break it to you. But this is it. This is the final challenge.
I'm trying to keep my composure. All is fine. All is well. :^) IT HAS BEEN A FRIGGIN BLAST, RIGHT??
Well then, let's make the most of it.
I have said again and again, I do not have a bias in Block B. But I do have a very handy dandy random name spinner I will use. The member I would go on a date with is...


Congrats bud, you've earned it. Now, how would we spend our time together? ... Let's make this a pretty standard date. ... With reaction GIFs.

A Day Out

"What do you think about going to the mall? I'd love to see you in a new dress."
"Stay close. It's a little crowded here." . . . "I picked the best one, didn't I?"
. . . "Do you want something to eat? No? Too bad, I made some reservations. You'll love it."
"Nice place, right? You're the first person I brought here with me."
"You look really cute. I'm kind of embarassed, teheh."
. . . "Let's go on a walk."
"I keep wanting to say something, but everytime I see you... um... see?! It happened again! I forgot what I was going to say, eheh..."
"Okay, we're here. I thought you'd like this place."
. . . "Wait, so you've really liked me all this time?!?!"
"Sorry, I was just surprised. You should have told me sooner."
"After all this time.."
"...*ahem* Then, you know... we could get together tomorrow night, if you want..."
"I mean... I would really like that."


Wow that was weird and not really part of the challenge but THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TOLERATING MY LENGTHY CARDS! And thank you if you stayed the whole trip! It's been a true joy :^). See you another time~