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"Ashley.You alright?"Marricke asked running into my room. "I'm not.I need to go for a walk." "Need me to come with you." "No.I'll be fine." I grabbed my phone and walked out the apartment catching a taxi. He really blames this on me.Me.really? I did nothing. As the taxi stopped in front of a building I paid my fare and headed inside seeing the door reading AOMG.I opened the door spotting Simon. "Really.You're blaming it all on me."I said walking up to him.I couldn't control my anger and punched him in the lip.Jay quickly came over getting in between us. "You stupid b-"Simon said touching his lip. "Say it.Say it.See what happens."I said trying to get past Jay. "Who gave you the right to call and blame everything on me.You're the one who ended our relationship.I had nothing to do with it.You're acting like it was hard for.You have no idea what I was going through the past 6 months." "What do you think I felt seeing you and Flow?"He said. "Please.You felt your own damn guilt.I have to see you and your fiancé on the news all the time.You broke my heart.Flow happens to be the one who picked up the pieces and treat me how I'm suppose to be treated."I said as all my emotions started building up and tears came streaming down my cheeks. "Shh.Come on Ash.Don't cry."Jay said hugging me. "You know what.Gray's studio now."Jay said pointing to Simon and pulling me along with him. I sat down on the couch wiping my face. As Simon sat far away from me while Jay grabbed the desk chair facing it in front of us. Great I feel like I might be in couple's counciling. Simon View How did all this happen?"Jay asked. "Well your business partner decided to call me last night leavin voicemails and text messages.He basically blames me for the whole break up." Ashley said crossing her arms. "Wait how did the break up even go." "Oh he didn't tell you." Ashley sat there telling him the whole story of how we broke up.he didn't seem too happy. "So basically it was a lie that you loved her?"Jay asked. "Hell yea."Ashley said gettin mad. "You know what you're right.Our whole relationship was a lie.The song wasn't even for you.I wanted to see what reaction it would get.All of it was for Mel.The song,the ring,and my love.I never cared about you!!" "Fuck you Simon.All I did was care.I stayed up all those nights when you had insomnia.I'm glad you didn't put that ring on my finger.You and you're stupid bitch of a fiancé have a nice life." "You alright Baby girl."Flow said comin in. "Oh I'm great why don't you ask Cinderella over here."Ashley said pointing to me. I couldn't help but jump up then Flow jumped infront of her. "Are we going to have to continue like last night?" "No it's fine.He just mad I busted his lip like his fiancé did to me." "Watch it Ashley!" "Watch what.What you going to do.You're a bitch of a rapper anyways.I hate you.You lucky we ain't in the states.You lucky." "How when I'm a CEO." "You're co.Jay saved your fuckin career." I've never seen her this mad before and I couldn't even responed.She really thinks I'm that bad?She was about to say something else but Flow grabbed around her stomach pushing he out the room. As flow was pushing her out I couldn't help but stare into her chocolate brown eyes.I realized that she became more broken then ever.Wow she actually still loved me and I fucked it up.
MARRICKE POV After Ashley stormed out maybe she needs to cool off but Im not sure what she is going to do.She looked pissed and might do something crazy.ill give her like 30 minutes should be enough. As time went by I decided to finally call her fuck waiting I feel something might go down. "Hello" Umm that's not Ashley. "Gray??" "Yeah.You need to come down here quick.Ashley just hit Simon and she is heated." "Im coming." I quickly hung up the phone and got into my car calling Flow. "Yo what's up?" "You need to meet me at AOMG quick Ashley is down there and some shit is going down." "Alright I'll be there." I made it to the building as Flow was dragging Ashley out of the room.He must've been closer.Gray told me everything that happened and it must've been that bad of a voicemail.Damn.Simon is becoming hella stupid. "Hey Marricke.Can we talk?"Jay aked. "It honestly isn't a good time." "Alright." I walked out of the building goin to my car and see Dok2 calling me. "Hey Dok2." "Hey Baby girl.What are you doing?" "Just cruisin." "Well meet me at Han River.I got something for you." "Alright.on my way." I hung up driving straight to Han River seeing dok2's car.I got out and scanned around seeing him sitting down looking at the river.I quietly snuck up behind him wrapping my arms around his neck giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Oh damn.You got me.Now plant those lips rigt here."He said pointing to his lips. I have him another kiss and noticed a picnic basket. "What's this?"I asked sitting next to him. "I thought my baby deserve to have a picnic next to the river." "You cooked?"Iasked. "Of course.I'm a pretty damn good cook.I made breakfast this morning." "Oh snap.That was you?" "I'm hurt." "You know I'm playin."I said smiling. "I'll remember that one."He smiled back. "Now let's see what the chef brought." "First up I had to bring some pork belly.Too good to pass up with some lettuce.We can make some wraps. .Next we got some kimchi.Had to do it with the chocolate covered strawberries.Its romantic right.And got us some champagne and water.Just incase you don't feel like drinking."He said as he took every item out. "Looks delicious and I would love some champagne." He handed me a class and filled it up. "This is perfect."I said smiling so wide.I honestly needed this but Ashley does too. "What's on your mind?"He asked taking a drink of his. "Before you called Ashley and Simon got into it again.And I feel bad because it's like she can't catch a break and be happy.Flow took her home." "I've noticed.As long as flow is with her everything will be fine.She seems happy around him.He can make her smile." "You right." "Always am." As we began eating the sun started setting and it looked so beautiful. "Strawberry for my strawberry?"Dok2 asked holding up a strawberry. I couldn't help but look at him with an eyebrow raised. "It would've worked better if I had brownies but this all I got." "Boy you watch a little too much Madea."I said laughing"but yes your strawberry would like a strawberry ." He fed me the strawberry and damn it was juicy and delicious!
FLOW VIEW I finally got Ashley to the car setting her down and she just collapsed to the ground crying.He hurts her so much.i can't take it. "What happened?"I asked picking her up from the ground. "He called me last night leaving texts and voicemails basically blaming me for the whole break up.I told you how it went and it just pissed me off." "Hey.Look at me.I'm here for you. he knows he lost someone special he wants you to hurt just like he is.Now let's go back to your place and relax and not think about today.You and I just need a day."i said putting both my hands on her cheeks and giving her a kiss. "I like the sound of that."She said smiling. "There's that beautiful smile.Now let's go." We got into my car and headed to her apartment. She changed into sweats and we cuddled up on the couch turning on Netflix. ASHLEY VIEW Flow laid his head on my lap as we watched a movie.I began striking his hair only to think about Simon.This boy is driving me insane. ~Flashback~ "You still awake?"I asked as turned over seeing Simon wide awake.It has be at least 3am. "Yeah.Babe It's my insomnia." "Come here."I said sitting up in bed. Simon laid his head in my lap and I began to stroke his hair trying to calm his mind.If that makes sense. "Babe this feels good." "Shh no talking.Just relax." "Yes ma'am." After about 10 minutes I felt his breathing level out he must be sleeping.I looked over seeing his eyes closed so I gave him a soft kiss on his cheek and continued to stroke his hair until I feel asleep. -End of Flashback~ Ugh! Why does he hurt me so but I still have him in my heart.I can feel my eyes water but I quickly rubbed them so Flow won't see them.I feel bad crying over a guy who doesn't love me and Flow is here willing to be the one to treat me right and love me.
Jay came back into the room and looked at me. "Did you really mean that shit!?"Jay asked looking mad. "No.I was getting posses off at everything she was sayin to me." "You really lied to her and yourself.You are crazy about her and yo I can't sit here and watch you keep hurting her.You already know how close Ashley and I are.Fix or just do her a favor and forget about her." "You know what.You can't say shit.Look at you and Marricke's situation.How are you going to fix that.Huh?.We were just as close as you and Ashley.Fuck that she was like my family.I know I started it but seems like everything is having a snowball effect and there's no way of stopping it." "Look man.I'm sorry.We just got to much going on."Jay said putting his hand on my back. "Yeah.We do." I walked away and looked at the window seeing Flow and Ashley.One minute she is in tears and he gets her to smile just like that.I miss seeing her beautiful smile.
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feel like I'm wat hing love and hip hop korea edition
that was soo good. I love how it's going. keep it up
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