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Hi vinglers! So I went to the SHINee fan meet at Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie, and I saw SHINee in the flesh! Like not just in my phone or pad or laptop or anything else! I was escorted to the theater by @RedChord who lives just 45 minutes away from me in Fort Worth, and I got to see the boys!!!!!!!!! I walked into the theater when they were performing 'Everybody' and then their host came out and welcomed us and he also asked us if we were really from Dallas or even Texas, and there was people from Norway, Singapore, and Japan! Then SHINee came out and they watched their welcome video with the fans, then they answered some questions from the fans, they sang 'Hello' in Korean but I sang along with them in Japanese because I have that version on my phone, and then their translator came back and there were 20 lucky fans that got to go onstage with the members and they played charades, but before that, key suggested that the members show off their aegyo and whoever was the worst, had to go first in charades. After charades, the 20 people went backstage (I'm not too sure where they went!) and the host dissmissed himself and the SHINee boys only performed a few songs! Then at some point, we wished Lee Taemin a happy late bday since his birthday was July 18th. Key didn't get it really but Taemin enjoyed it! After that, they did a few more songs and then after their final song 'View' the boys dissmissed us and I bought a light stick! The concert was very short lived honestly! It should have been longer! They should have done more songs! They should have played more games! They should have answered more questions, and the fans should have met them up close! Like everyone in the audience should have at least gone up in a line and shaked their hands or at least hugged them and took pictures with them! Also, there should have been more tshirts or at least a variety of tshirt designs but, I still enjoyed seeing SHINee in my hometown!
I walked in during Everybody
They sang 'Hello' in Korean but I sang along with them in Japanese because I have that version on my phone.
Then they watched the welcome video, then they brought out 20 lucky fans, divided them into 5 groups of 4, the teams were numbered, the members had to draw a number to determine which team they were on, then they decided on a team captain, then they guessed a tune based on only just the first two seconds of the song but one of the members guessed the first song instead of the captain so they received a yellow card, then the first two seconds of the next song played and the captain of one team said 'An Encore' which she was right, and then the members drew out categories for charades (Minho got occupation, Taemin got sports, Key got movies, Onew got emotions, and Jonghyun got animals) then they played charades which the members had to act out and the fans had to guess, the members were quite amusing! Then they gave us the result of the game (Onew in first, then Minho, then Taemin, then Jonghyun, and Key was in last place because the movies category was too hard!) (I'm not too sure if this was the right order of the results), then Key wanted to show off his aegyo but he ended up dancing to SexyBack by Justin Timberlake (he was so sexy and funny at the same time but he was shy at first! Then after he danced Minho danced and he was very funny trying to be sexy! I could not stop laughing!) then the host dissmissed himself, yet I'm not sure if he did that before or after SexyBack... Anyways! They also took a picture of themselves with the audience in the background. Someone else was taking the picture and not any of the members just so u know!
Then they showed us a video, then they performed 'Replay' in Korean but I sang in Japanese since I have that version on my phone! Then they sang 'Sherlock' which was awesome! I knew some of the words in English but I still sang in Korean with them! Then they sang 'Lucifer' in Korean but I sang along with them in English because I knew the English lyrics! Then they went offstage, and a video came on before their final song 'View' and then they performed it and dissmissed us. I knew some English lyrics for that song but not all of it, but I sang along with them to it and I swear, I knew the whole song in Korean from start to finish! After Key dissmissed us, I went and asked the selling table about the merchandise and if I had to order the shirt before the concert, and then they said they were selling merchandise off the bat and I got in line and bought a light stick for only $15! I paid $20 and she gave me $5 in change. I ended up getting two light sticks instead of one because it was a buy one get one sale so I gave the other light stick to a sixteen year old boy in 10th grade in which she was the younger brother to RedChord, and then she drove me home!
Did you go to the fan meet? How was it? Did you enjoy it because I sure did! If you know more information about the concert, comment below!
@JayRaider oh yes! That was funny! After the music went off, Minho just cracked me up!!!!!! He was so funny!
XD I was there too!~ akdjsks!
OMG!!! I was there too!πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ™β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹
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