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Man right now I really feel like dissapearing. Life is becoming so much more complicated and stupid. I feel so worthless. I have no one to turn to. I pushed my best friend away, and I don't want to bug my parents. I sincerely want to just end everything.
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don't end your life. I know things might be hard now but I'm sure everything will work itself out. I use to feel like that too so if you ever want to talk to anyone I'm willing to listen and I don't judge at all. just think of all the people that will miss you when your gone. please don't end your life
@Gaarita100 same to you!
@LoKey that's not true everyone on here is pretty nice 馃槉 I've made a few friends on here and I know you will too
@LoKey lol I love it when my favorite idols act smexy and it also helps when you have someone to talk too
@LoKey yeah I know K-pop is what has kept me going and it's what is still helping get through some days. whenever I feel unappreciated or just tired of it all I listen to K-pop and I even watch my favorite groups being silly. that's what usually helps me get through things
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