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It was just J.K. Rowling/Harry Potter's birthday on July 31st, and on the same day J.K. Rowling's new book Harry Potter and the Cursed Child came out!!!
A ton of people dressed up in celebration of the release, and I think a ton of them did a really good job on their looks! Let me show you a few of my favorites in celebration ^-^

First up, this amazing snitch!

Anybody hungry?

Those stilts are too awesome XD
....hi Dolores.
I don't think these little cuties are old enough to attend Hogwarts yet!
I want to take a picture with one, too!
Quick, the earmuffs!
Oh, Winky~

Has anybody picked up their book yet?

I'm still waiting for my turn (I'm on a library e-book waiting list), but eventually, I'll get my chance to read it.....so don't spoil anything!
I didn't get it yet T_T I have a preorder voucher for it, and I definitely want to pick it up this week.
@hikaymm thank you
@Itlulia ahh!! happy late birthday! :)
@AnbuRose me either :( i'm still waiting :(
July 31st is my birthday too so it was a very happy birthday for me as well