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10.(pictures 1-2) Kadabra is a Psychic-type Pokémon who is, according to Pokémon Emerald and Fire Red's Pokédex entries, a boy who was involved with the occult and woke up to find out that he had become a pokemon. There is also a resemblance he has to the god the Knights Templars worshipped: Baphomet. His head fits into an upside-down star. He has goatlike features. He has an upright star in the middle of his forehead and three squiggles on his stomach. 9. Rumors suggest that Genesect is actually a modified Kabutops. 8. Speculation by fans show that because your rival in Red and Blue had a Raticate during your battle on the S.S. Anne and did not in Lavender Town, that Raticate was actually killed during your battle. 7. Banette was a plush doll that came to life after being abandoned by its owner, whose main goal is now to seek vengeance on that owner. 6. Though proven to be untrue, it was believed that players could collect a Poke Ball containing the legendary Pokemon Mew underneath a truck on the port in Vermillion City.
#8 now i think about it.... I feel bad now :(
I remember #6. I spent hours trying to get under that truck.