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some are cute,some are awesome, then we have the ok weird and then you have the wtf is that weird. But lets started out with cute frist.
Here are some that are cute.I personality love the Dewsian out of here.
Next we have the awesome group.Now these are cool but some are scary as well Like Beeysaur. but my favorite out of the group is Gastales.
Now we have the ok werid these are not bad I seen worest which will be coming up shortly. but these can past in my eyes. I do have to say I love Venonine and Zuton.
And last we have the wtf is wrong with people pokemon.Like honesty some of these are nightmares themselves. Some are just too werid like Jynbuzz or oddix.
The Jigglyth one is so cute!
the jigglycruel was actually pretty cool
The Ratuk one has nipples...
Electrsey is like the Pokemon version of Jeff the killer
and most of the "wtf" ones are pretty funny
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