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Yes, Hanamaru, I'm talking about you!

This is Hanamaru from Love Live! Sunshine!! and she is just too adorable for words.
**gifs below will be spoilers up through episode 5 of Love Live sunshine!**

It's just so, so adorable!

How can anyone be this amazed by a hand dryer?!

Ruby + Hanamaru = cute cute cute

Don't push that button, Hanamaru!

I just can't wait for more cuteness from Hanamaru & all the other girls!!
Just a few more days until there will be more Love Live Sunshine for us...
just her and Ruby together is so cute
@NicoNicoNii they seriously are @.@
@hikaymm I want to cosplay as Ruby or Nico
@NicoNicoNii both would be so cute!