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(After that day of wonders we started planning for our wedding it was also very crazy because not only did I get noticed but I earned fans and idols will be at the wedding me and apink are going shopping for a dress I'm honestly I'm nervous but no time for that now we're already here.) We'll look at all these selections their all so beautiful. "Yeah I think this one is"....Here try on this those and these. (She hands me tons of dresses so I try each on but none of them appealed to me.) How about these. (She hands me more stuff but it's my wedding I should pick.) "Ladies this is my wedding let me pick my dress trust me". (Looking around nothing caught my eye until I found the one it was so beautiful I couldn't believe it.) "This is the one this dress is it". (I try it on and then walk out all their eyes grew big.) "What do you think?" Wow you look great!! (They all say in unison so we get the beautiful dress then go off for heels.)
-Meanwhile with Joshua- "I'm not so sure about this suit I would like to go with the first suit after all it's way better then this". Calm down and try these on. "Okay no I won't this is my wedding and I'll choose geez I'll try on this one". (I try on the suit then look in the mirror it suits me well so I buy it then I go out shopping for the ring.) (We got to the store and look at some rings it took me a while to find the right ring.)
(We buy the rings then head home and leave the rings then head home and leave the party planners.) -Back to yui- (I had found shoes to match the dress and I payed for them now we we're all heading home to chill with some idols and just have fun. We made it him and I rushed my stuff to my room before me and apink head up to the practice room it was dark and suddenly I was snatched into a hug then the lights come on and I see everyone here and hugging me was Joshua so I hug him back.) "Who's ready to party!!!!!" (Everyone cheers and the party was just beginning again.) (We had performances from Bts, Exo, Got7,SHINee, sistar, mamamoo, twice, red velvet, block b, beast, astro, apink, GFRIEND, big bang, etc.) (Also a special performance from me and seventeen. We party until we don't have any party left in us. "Hey vixx Im so excited about the new concept it's gonna be awesome now I'm gonna go to sleep". This one is a bit shorter and I'll be taking a break from my story for a few days I need to think up more ideas anyway hope you like it Annyeong @selfishmachines @RochelleRose @BBxGD @EmilyPeacock @VatcheeAfandi99 @BrennaHarding
@BrennaHarding thx picked them out myself
Sorry I couldn't read this chapter earlier! 😩 This was so cute though!!! I loved the wedding dress, it was so beautiful and the rings are just gorgeous!!! 😍😄