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I'm literally 13 turning 14// & I'm sooooo glad! I get vote on Mwave for MAMA this year! EXO, BTS, & Got7 I finally can help you guys win! I'm so glad and cannot wait for everyone's MAMA performance. Eeekkk

/// anyways how old are you? I'm curious 馃憖馃憢
so glad to see some older fans too. (I love you younger fans also, though 馃槃) I just turned 35. and my kids are 13 and 14.. I wanna protect all the bebes too! @Matokokepa @AimeeH @divanicola05 @fallchild @Kayto4 @TaraJenner
I just want to adopt them as sons so don't hate me for being the mom, okay? My almost 17 year old daughter introduced me to GOT7 and we even drove 10 hours to Atlanta to see them. I'll be 54 next month. I love JB's voice and Jackson's sass.
30 馃槀
42, possibly 43, Sometimes I'm 19 going on 25 .... you'd have to ask my daughters, I lost track when I turned 40.
I'll be 36 in 15 days馃槉 My 15-year-old daughter got me hooked around 15 months ago.
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