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judal~ magi How you can play : name 10 people (tag) you would kiss, then tag 10 other people to play the game too!! Rules : 1.) If your tagged then you have to do it! 2.) It can be anyone. (real/fake) 3.) Make sure you tell where they're from (anime, game, ect) 4.) Have fun!!!
gwendal~kyou kara maou
kisuke urahara~bleach
Rio satomi~ eight dogs of the east
raikou shimizu~ nabari no ou
jin~ samurai champloo
guren/touda~ shounen onmyouji
freed~ fairy tail
sesshomaru~ inuyasha
honorable mentions all the guys from hakuoki Sinbad- magi gaara- Naruto Allen walker- D-grayman ban- seven deadly sins kurama- yu yu Hakusho I have no one to tag but I challenge those who look at this card
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um...where is the picture of husband should have a picture up there...
@BobbieStinson there I've added 3 pics of Sinbad and his sexyness😍😍
YAY THANK YOU @SantaraJones
@SantaraJones thanks for the tag!
ur welcome