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According to this guy, comparing of Konosuba/Re:zero with SAO can already tell you how much better they're going to be compared to SAO. Now, this is NOT to say that SAO has to be considered to be "horrible" even if he hints at that.

I should note that while a lot of people hate on SAO for being generic, etc, I don't think that it's not necessarily a bad thing that it happens actually.

SAO set up the genre for what it is. Bashing SAO & comparing other shows to it isn't done to say that SAO is horrible, it's done to show what more can be done after SAO. To show the growth of things after it. SAO is a baseline fantasy anime, and it's easy to compare to because of this. That is why its constantly being "attacked." Not a bad thing!

This video makes a good point, though...

Konosuba is a spoof - makes things lighter, while Re:Zero makes it dark and dark and dark & interesting. And dark. Did I say dark? And you definitely see how these differences are reflected in the OPs of the show. Watch the OPs for yourself here!

Anybody else enjoy these three shows?

Which is your favorite, then???
SAO has its flaws but I still rly enjoyed and still love the romance btwn Kirito and Asuna 😍
@alliepetey agreed!!
Re:Zero is amazing so far so I recommend it to anyone. It's much much darker and you can really see the psychological trauma and character growth as episodes pass As far SAO.. well.. I thought the animation was great and all and I really did enjoy it. The fandom sorta hyped it more than it actually was. I could have done without the romance, I felt the setting wasn't appropriate for Kirito's many escapades. Like how is he gonna say he loves Asuna so much but he's still flirting with the other half of the cast. Sorta takes away from the purity of his actions. I also wouldn't say that Sword Art put a standard on that particular genre, there was Log Horizon which is pretty much the same "get stuck on fantasy video game land and survive" basis, except the animation wasn't as crisp as SAO and is much underrated, the also the hack.// games and anime that people seem to forget. But I digress, I love the setting, I love the animation style.. But the plot and character development leaves something to be desired. Like Kirito is a badass don't get me wrong, he's just not a relatable badass. He's someone that you might want to be, but not someone you can see yourself being. Id write more but maybe I'll save that if I decide to make a Card on it.