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Does this really work?

I found it on Pinterest and I'm wondering has anyone try this sore throat remedy before? My sore throat has been bothering me for two days and I'm not sure what's the best natural way to take care of this? Medicine is my last option. I really don't want to take pills if I can get better with homemade tea or soup. Please let me know if you have any suggestion or recommendation.
Thanks! =)
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@cindystran when the marshmallow melts title coats your throat and actually soothes it
a year ago·Reply
@VeronicaArtino Interesting! Thanks for the explanation!
a year ago·Reply
Yes you should try this. It worked for me. This and ginger tea. Can't go wrong with ginger tea!!!
a year ago·Reply
@MyAffairWith ginger tea did help but my throat got much better after eating mashed potatoes.
a year ago·Reply
@cindystran cool!! Just glad to hear it's getting better. I get sore throat a lot so I know how you feel. It pretty sucks!!
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