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Since I've been thinking about making sure I get to cosplay Rapunzel from Tangled next year, I've been looking at dresses on Taobao to find one I like! My friend suggested that I use a specific seller, but I didn't really love that one, so I'm looking for more options before I settle.
Unfortunately, there are still a lot I don't love. I'm really pick, so I think I might have to get some custom work done to make it how I'd most like it.
This one (X) is probably the nicest of all the ones I found. The fabric choices are nice, as are the colors. The colors being different as they should be is much better than many others where everything is the same purple & shows no differences!
This one (X) is pretty, too, but the embroidery isn't colorful enough & the lace around the bottom of the bodice isn't very good.
This one (X) is just...okay. Not very good.
This one (X) is one I love! There's not much detailing on it, no, but I think it works for certain looks for Rapunzel. Still, I don't think it would be my choice.
This one (X) has embroidery that's colorful, but I don't like it very much after all.
This one (X) gets the structure right, but I find it to be a bit lackluster. I wish they had more photos so I could see it in action.
This one (X) is really pretty, too, but I don't find the quality to be a reliable as the seller barely has any photos, so I worry that this isn't really theirs.
This one (X) is beautiful, but just not....accurate. It's not right, but I love it anyways, so I'm putting it here.
This one (X) is so pretty, too! It's not Rapunzel's movie dress, but the one she's in for other Disney appearances. I love it, but I'm not sure it's what I want at first.

Still, I'm not satisfied with any of them!

I'm going to keep looking, and see which will work best to use with some modifications. Are there any that you like?
I like the first... out of all of them, it's the most accurate.
@ctsr1 i thought that one an dthe last one were really similar!
@AnbuRose Yes I think so too. I just wish the top was more of a real corset than it looks to be i guess :( none of these are good enough!! Lol
@TheGreenEyedPup I think the first is my favorite, too!
i love the first and last ones
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