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Seven boys. A school full of bullies. Four girls that came to their rescue. Now, those seven boys want help from those four girls. To help them become someone. "The key to become someone is not to change for others, but rather for yourself. Be your own unique and don't be afraid to show others what you got." But, as two fall in love, it causes a disaster. Not only because the seven boys come from wealthy families, but because those four girls are hiding a dark secret that no one should know of.
Ji-Hye's POV: "So what happened?" Nari asked considering I looked beyond pissed. I am pissed. It's lunch and I've been wasting my time by being angry. "Nothing. What are you guys even doing here? You always ditch school" I say in my usual cold tone. Seung starts to shiver. "Wow, Ji-Hye you're really scary." "Yeah yeah, now just answer my question." They shrug. When Areum was about to open her mouth, the door to our classroom opens and I see the seven dwarves. They all look at me and their faces brighten. I rolled my eyes and looked away to look out the window. I heard them walk towards us and I let out a sigh. When they stopped by my desk one of them was about to say something but I cut them off. "About me teaching you how to be someone. It's done. So don't come near me again" I say cold heartedly. I stood up from the desk and walked passed them. I walked out of the classroom and headed to the stairs. I hear running behind me and I assumed-- no, I know it's them. Their scent... I pursed my lips and walked upstairs that would lead me to the rooftop. The running doesn't stop and I let out a sigh. All of a sudden I felt one of them grab my wrist. I stop walking and look back at them with empty eyes. Yoongi who was the one who grabbed my wrist, he looked at me with furrowed brows and confusion written all over his face. "What?" "Why did you say that? To never come near you again. Why?" He says. His grip on my wrist tightens and I forcibly yanked my wrist away from his grip. He was taken aback and took a few steps back. Bumping into the other six. "Well? What did you expect? I never said or promised that I'll help you and then stay by your side, and be good friends. You guys have a new look. You guys are popular with the girls and guys envy you. You got what you wanted so there's no need for me to help you anymore. That's that. Accept it" I turn back around and continue heading back upstairs. But then I stopped. "You guys wouldn't be by my side if I say I was a vampire. You'd say I'm a monster and run away. You wouldn't even know a single damn thing about me so how would you be so sure that I'm like those disgusting blood-suckers? Stupid. If you wouldn't be by my side if I say I'm a vampire then you guys aren't someone worthy of being my friends." With that I climbed up the stairs again and leaving a dumbfounded group behind. I opened the door and a gust of wind gently blew in my face. I looked at the scenery before me. "The cherry blossoms are dying" I say quietly to myself. A sudden feeling of sadness hit me like tons of bricks being thrown at your face and I didn't like it. "I'm so stupid. I was about to trust those idiots." I look down and see something hit the ground. Rain? Is it raining? I look up when I felt something cool and wet roll down my cheek. I put my finger on my cheek and surely enough, it was my tears. I go to my hands and knees. "Shit..." I knew them for what? Three days? So, why am I so hurt by not being able to be by their side again? I wipe away my tears and shook my head. "No, I can't cry. They say I'm a monster. How can I trust people like that?" There's no such thing as humans who understand vampires. They judge. They say we're monsters when not all are monsters. They want to wipe us all off. So no vampires exist in this god forsaken world. I hear the bell ring and I turn around to head back to class and I hoped the seven idiots did as I asked of them and leave me alone. I opened the classroom door and didn't see them. I let out a sigh and walk towards my desk. I noticed that Nari, Seung, and Areum weren't here anyore but that was a good thing for me. They'd probably ask a shit ton of questions and won't stop until I tell them. I sat down in my desk and looked out the window. It was beginning to be cloudy and I knew that it'll rain once school was over. I looked back upfront where the teacher was and started writing down notes. "I didn't even bring an umbrella" I say to myself quietly. *** After school came and I was glad to get out of this school. Although, I don't plan on going home just yet. I pack my stuff and and threw my backpack over my shoulder. "S-See you tom-morrow, Ji-Hye" someone says. I stopped walking and looked over at the owner of the voice. It was a boy who sat next to me. He looked terrified and I could see that he regretted talking to me. I raised an eyebrow and he glanced at me. I nodded and in my usual tone I say, "Yeah, see you tomorrow." I walked out of the classroom and I could hear a few gasps from the classroom. As I started walking down the stairs, I was wondering why he talked to me. I shrugged. I saw that it was raining and I cursed under my breath. I rubbed my temple when I felt someone tap my shoulder. I looked back and see Yoongi. He slowly brought up his umbrella. I looked at him with a blank expression. "It's fine" I say as I turn to walk out of the building and into the rain. I ignored Yoongi's call and kept walking. I was getting soaked but I didn't want to be under the same umbrella with him. I felt someone grab my waist and pulled me into their chest. My eyes widened and I froze. "I was calling you! Why didn't you respond?! Look you're soaked now" he sighed and I stayed silent. "It doesn't matter. Didn't I say that I didn't want you guys near me?" I say. Now it was his turn to stay silent. I push him away and turn away but before I could walk, he grabbed my wrist again. I looked back and he quickly opened his umbrella. He took a step nearer to me and we were both now under the same umbrella. "I told you-" "Shut up." I furrowed my eyebrows and looked up at him. "What?" "I told you to shut up. I'm just trying to be nice since I don't want you to get sick" he says. His tone was a bit agitated. I couldn't say anything back. "Come on, I'll walk you home-" "No." "Huh?" He looked at me confused. "I'm not going home yet. I don't want to home home yet so just..." He stares at me and I look down at the ground. I frown and close my eyes. "Fine, come to my house." I look back at him with wide eyes. "Eh?" "Come to my house. We can't just go somewhere while we're soaking wet, we'll get sick. Plus, my house is close so let's just go." I look at him and he smiles at me. I sigh thinking that he had a point. "Fine." We turn back around to walk towards his house. The whole time the atmosphere was awkward. Although I didn't show it. I always had a blank expression. After two hours of walking, we finally get to his house. He was breathing heavily and shivering from the cold. While I was fine. Remember? Vampire. Yeah. "We can go to my house. My house is close so let's just go" I mimic his voice and sigh. He just lets out a groan. I look around and noticed big houses. I realized we were on the rich street. I looked at the house we stood in front of and it was a beautiful house. Not only that but it was big. Obviously Ji-Hye.
"This house, you live here?" He nods and smiles. I pursed my lips and sigh. I shouldn't have came here. Yoongi all of a sudden grabs my wrist and starts walking towards the door. "Come on, we're soaked so we can't stay out here for too long" he says. Before we can reach the door, a girl opens it. She stood there as if she was waiting there for him. "Hey Jess. Take care of this" he said quickly and threw her the umbrella which she gracefully caught it. Which is weird. How do you just "gracefully" catch something? We walked passed her. When we were far from her; I asked. "Who's that?" "Hm? Oh Jess? She's the daughter of a maid we have here." "Maid? You even have a maid?" "Duh." I felt my eyebrow twitch and held back the urge to punch this kid. We got to a room that was really spacious and luxurious. It had huge windows that had a beautiful view of the city. I was mesmerized by it that I didn't hear Yoongi call me. "Ji-Hye!" I snap out of it and look at him. "Hm?" He smiles. A gummy smile that for some odd reason made my heart beat increase. He throws me a towel, and also some extra clothes. "Go and take a shower." "But what about you?" I ask with a raised eyebrow. "I'll go after you." "This is your house though. You should go first" I insisted. He shakes his head. "You go first." "No, you go." "You go." "No, you go." " go first." "No, you go first." He sighs and then chuckles. He pushes me towards the bathroom. "Go" he says. I sigh and nod. "Alright, thanks for letting me use your bathroom" I say before closing the door behind me. I sighed again looking at how big and luxurious it was. Yoongi's POV: I had to say that I was nervous since a girl is in my bathroom, taking a shower, and is nude. I closed my eyes to keep my perverted fantasies at bay. All of a sudden there's a knock on my door. "Mr. Min? It's Jess. Can I come in?" "Yeah." She walks in with a look and I let out a sigh. "What is it?" I ask. "Why did you bring a girl with you?" She says in a serious tone which causes me to raise a eyebrow. "I'm sorry? Did you just ask me, in my own home. Why I brought a girl?" "Ah, I-I'm sorry" she takes a few steps backwards and I let out another sigh. "Listen Jess, I don't see you that way." "But you see something in that trash? Why are you even going out with her?" I opened my mouth to defend Ji-Hye, but another voice interrupts me. "Trash?" We all turned to see Ji-Hye with a nasty glare on her face. Jess takes a step back feeling a little intimidated. "You're calling me trash? I'm not the one acting ridiculous. I'm also not the one who's assuming shit. Even if we were dating what about it? But since you're being petty might as well shut you up." Ji-Hye walks towards me. The way she looked at me and how close she was coming made my heart go out of control. She grabbed my tie and smashed our lips together. My eyes widened and it took me a few seconds to realize what was going on. I didn't pull away though. I put my hands on her waist and pulled her towards me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed how soft and plump Ji-Hye's lips were. I heard a door slam and Ji-Hye pulled away. I was a little disappointed that she stopped. I let go of her waist and she takes a couple steps back. "Sorry" was all she said. I felt my heart sink as she apologized. "Why?" She looks at me with a serious look in her eyes. She pursed her lips. "Didn't I say that I don't want to be near you guys anymore? This is just breaking that promise." "But I didn't promise anything--" "Doesn't matter. For me, you promised and I promised myself that I wouldn't go near you guys." "But why?!" I yelled. She looks at me with a shocked expression. I walk towards her and pin her up against the wall. With both my arms by her side so I would be trapping her in between my arms. "Why can't we go near you? What's the reason? Huh? You can't do this right as we were getting to know each other well. We were all afraid of you in the beginning, yes, but now that you helped us, you became someone we admired. You can't just leave us. After what you said yesterday we started thinking. Even is you're a vampire we'll still stick to your side--" "What a liar" she cuts me off and she gives me a smirk. "I can see in your eyes that you would be scared that I'd hurt you. You'd run away." I looked at her seriously. I narrowed my eyes at her. "Why are you so hooked up with this vampire shit? Are... Are you perhaps a vampire?"
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