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5. It’s rumored that the music in the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town prompted young people around the world to become suicidal. 4. The theme music for Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald was remixed and left in the game code for Platinum Version. 3. Bonsly is the first Generation Four Pokemon that can be caught and used in battle in a generation before it was introduced properly. 2. The theme music for the three legendary Dog type Pokemon - Suicune, Entei and Raikou - was remixed and left in the code for Ruby and Sapphire. 1. Though these aren't in any particular order, I saved one of my favorites for last: it’s rumored that Mew and Ditto are nearly one and the same, but that Ditto is a failed version of Mew. They both weigh 8.8 lbs, know Transform naturally, are pink but blue when shiny, and can learn every move – if only temporarily for Ditto.
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Fact 5 is a little bit scary. Music promoting people to commit suicide... All those unknowing gamers who spend hours listening to it... Fact 1 is also interesting. I never knew that Ditto and Mew were even remotely related but it seems the creators had a reason behind it. Thanks for sharing these awesome facts again. I love them!