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BTS(ARMY) & Monsta X Thoughts
So, there is Army drama (AGAIN! -_- ) and this is all I have to say and agree about it in the screenshot below of monbebethought's ig post caption.
Like seriously, RESPECT EACH OTHER AND OTHER GROUPS / FANDOMS! Can I tell you something???
I was already bummed about not going to the concert and I'm sure I wasn't the only feeling that way, but knowing this happened makes me mad. There is a lot of Monbebe that would of loved to be there at the interactions (like myself) supporting our group and meeting other Monbebe and these people are just wasting money to do something disrespectful towards a group that doesn't deserve that. A LITTLE MORE RESPECT PLEASE!! BTS AND MONSTA X SEEM TO GET ALONG JUST FINE, SO WHY CAN'T OTHER FANDOMS GET ALONG OR AT LEAST RESPECT EACH OTHER AND THEIR GROUP.

Like this Lol! :D

《Click Here To Watch The Video》 and 《Here》! hahaha Savage Kihyun like always though!!
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Im pretty sure army did/said nothing about not liking monsta x or monbebes. And so i would kindly like peopke to stop posting about things that army does because all that does is spread gossip and makes things worse. I love vingle. But the amout of gossip and rumors and utter bull on this app is crazy.
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@FaithMorrison This card was not intended to insult or hurt anyone. I apologize if it seemed like I was attacking army! That was never my intention. Just how I said, I was just asking for respect and for everyone to get along, so please don't take it the wrong way. I apologize once again if this card insulted you.
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I thought their interactions where so stinking cute yesterday!! And I am 100% army
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Suga looks so traumatized in the last pic
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I have no idea why ARMYs would even dislike Monsta X?? Is it just because they're friends and were picking on Suga just like the other members of BTS do!?!?! I love both BTS and Monsta X!! Both groups are amazing and hilarious!!!! So why are the fandoms hating so much....?
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