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Hey guys! I just started writing this new story I hope you guys will like it I'm going to try to make it short but it will be a Jungkook story ❤❤❤ Yes the Golden Maknae ❤❤❤

                       **Intro/ your P.O.V** I was never good enough. that's all I thought untill I met him. You're too fat... your skin isn't dark enough... your teeth are disgusting... go back to where you're from.... KILL yourself!! You've heard these things all your life and always brushed it off or 'let it's slide'... at least that's what you looked like on the outside but he knew it wasn't real he saw how hurt you were underneath but you'd carried on so long with the hurt you couldn't stop if you tried it.                               Growing up I was always bullied just for being who you was... I didn't fit in... I was an Alien. But because as I got older the bullying became more of a threat I had to change schools...a lot so I didn't get the chance to make many friends... I did end up meeting this girl her name was Suzy but we only talk over video chat and messages now because I left Mexico... it wasn't safe for me there. Since my mom remarried to a Korean guy we moved with him to Korea because he inherited a huge house and lost of money when his parents passed away. We moved in right as summer started and I was to start high school when vacations finished. I had 2 months to settle in.                    **End Intro/ Your P.O.V**
Well... I hope you guys liked it so far that was just a short preview I hope you guys read the rest that comes thank you for reading/liking/supporting me... it really means alot
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Good start....just needs some spelling/grammar errors fixed.