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I love it when idols are clearly friends with their group members, but I love it even more when they're friends with other groups!

Here are a few of the closest cross-group friendships :3

VIXX's Ken & BTS' Jin

They're also both really close to Sandeul and they get jealous if anyone hangs out without the other one >.<

SHINee's Taemin & EXO's Kai

Being two of the most passionate dancers in SM, they were friends long before debut and are still super close!

Goo Hara & Seungri

They were actually friends waaay before debut, training at other schools together, and remain close to this day. They've never been romantically involved, just close friends!

JYJ's Junsu & SuJu's Eunhyuk

Friends since their school days, these two are inseparable. Even though Junsu split with SM, Eunhyuk still goes to see him and support him always!

SNSD's Tiffany & Sistar's Bora

While I'm sure they have ZERO downtime, the girls have actually said that whenever they have breaks they'll go hangout at each other's houses and just talk. They like a lot of the same things so they naturally because friends after being on a lot of variety shows together.

KARA's Nicole & SHINee's Key

Nicole once said that it was Key that inspired her to get into pilates which ended up seriously changing her life. They're still really close friends and are often seen partying together at music festivals or mutual friends' birthdays :D

Who is YOUR fav?

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Ken and Jin and taemin and kai
Amber & literally EVERYONE... I also have a soft spot for: - JiMin (15&)/SeungYoun (UNIQ). Just... go check out their SoundCould w/ their other friend Nathan if you haven't already: - JJ Project/Shownu (MONSTA X). The three of them were actually in a group together before Shownu left JYP & you can honestly just tell how much JB & Junior look up to him. - 95-line consisting of ChaeJin (MYNAME), SungJae (BTOB), Ricky (Teen Top), MinWoo, YoungMin, KwangMin (Boyfriend), T.K (former C-Clown) & occasionally Hyuk (VIXX). They're so cute; they hang out in smaller groups all the time (ref. any of their social media accounts) & sometimes go on trips as a big group... Like they all went rafting/swimming together maybe a month ago. - Tony Ah (H.O.T)/Kim JaeDuck (Sechs Kies). I'm not sure how many people here actually know who either of them are, but all you need to know is that they're legit an old married couple.
All og the BTS members and Got7 member, Henry and Amber, Jackson and Amber, Kai and Taemin, Amber and Ailee, GD and Jay Park
Oh my god!!! Ken and Jin are so cute!!! And Taemin and Kai!!!!! Actually, all of them are super cute!!!! I'm so glad that idols from different groups are friends with each other!!!! 😃
Amber and Kris, Amber and Jackson, Amber and EVERYONE, Namjoon and Jackson, BTS and Got7 as a group, CL and GD? I don't know if this counts but Bom and TOP