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The writers behind 'The Simpsons' have always allowed the show to make some honest commentary on hot topics and current events, and when it comes to this year's presidential election, the issue was anything but overlooked in this week's episode.
The segment begins with Marge interrupting a romantic evening by admitting that the election's got her all stressed out.

So they turn on TV and a commercial comes on that imagines 3 AM at the White House if either candidate ended up winning.

When it comes to Hillary, hubby Bill has a little bit of a hard time adjusting to the new role reversal.

As for Donald, he stays up all night tweeting insults at Elizabeth Warren and leisure reading Hitler's great speeches.

So who do they actually end up saying they'll vote for? Well, the answer definitely surprised me.

I don't want to give away any spoilers, so I embedded the clip above! (It's short. I promise.)
*sigh* Homer is always doing stupid things but this is too much even for him馃槖馃槱
I'm voting for Mr. Meeseeks
@TehDL I liked the part where they botoxed Trump's face and it inflated like a weird skin balloon.
@danidee haha yeah, xD that whole make up or getting ready scene was funny and really believable!!! okay maybe not that huge time it took him... lol
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