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I've been thinking about cosplaying Emilia from Re:Zero for some time now, but now that I'm actually looking at cosplays on Taobao I'm not sure which outfit of hers I should cosplay, so I'm here to ask your opinions!

Which outfit do you like best?

I've managed to find some good versions of each so far, but I can't decide what I want to do first! The white outfit is her most common, of course, but I think the others might be more unique to cosplay at a convention!
There's also this (X) one other outfit that I was thinking about, but you barely see it in the anime at all, so I'm not sure it'd be worth it!
~Some taobao link references just for me & anyone looking to cosplay emilia!~
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i like all of them but i like the middle one more
I'm personally more drawn to the green. If I were doing this cosplay, I'd do the green because that shade looks great on me. (Lol) I think the purple and white is the most recognizable Emilia look, though. Does that matter to you? Which colors look better on you? (I always consider this when choosing cosplay lol) I look forward to seeing what you choose! <3
the middle one
second to third
far left