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Oh vingle, how I have missed you! I have been busy and kinda down... so I kept my distance from posting for a while... but im back! :) Made some video clips... kinda like doing these so hopefully more to come! ... and dont worry... im trying to write my fanfics... its just that writters block loves me at the moment. *sigh* anyway... enjoy! ;)
One of the videos I made for @MYAlpha ... ... ... @MYAlpha you know you secretly love these vids... even though they kill you. lol ;)
This one was for my girl @BBxGD ♡ Love ya! :) Personally this is one of my favorites that i have made so far!
and... a little something for one of my fanfics... i might make more for my other ones.. but im not 100% sure.

If you would like to be tagged/ untagged from my future cards let me know :)

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@MYAlpha lmao 😂😂
a year ago·Reply
@ShailaZaman I liked the one for the fanfic it looked cool. I'm surprised you didn't put up all the videos you love to kill us with.
a year ago·Reply
@lilbr0wneyes haha i will... been busy 😉
a year ago·Reply
@ShailaZaman I know you have been busy but it's I have them saved anyway 😉😉
a year ago·Reply
lol 😁 @lilbr0wneyes
a year ago·Reply