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there is now a new way to stalk Got7!

Now you can add Got7 as your friend in Kakao! ( please note Got7 might/might not answer) this is an update page for fans to get updates as a text message with kakao, kind of like the way monsta x has.
you can change the name.. ^^^^ this is mines =D also if you'd like to add me let me know! I have lots of Got7 icons .
Oh god I can see it now. It's up now but in a few weeks goose crazy ass fans will bring the chat down with a statement from JYP
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@XionHeart hahaha yeah! I think many fans will think Got7 will talk to them thru here but it's not the case.. they will blow that up.
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@Miichi It's only a matter time for fandoms to ruin the good stuff
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