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"View" Had an awesome time at the Shinee Fan Meet In Dallas with @maggieholm. We got there like ten minutes after the fan meet started but still was awesome! These are some of the videos I could take. I didn't take any when they asked them questions and play some games because it was too bright and I didn't want to get into trouble πŸ˜†. The fan meet ended too early. I thought in would go until 10 PM but sadly it ended around 8:45, to me it was too short. They only sang like six or seven songs total and this is the ones I recorded only. Funny thing that happened, it's that I accidently gave the tickets from GOT7 instead of the Shinee ones and I guess they didn't notice 'cause they let us in πŸ˜‚. I only noticed they were the wrong tickets until I was looking for the section to sit. Since that section was still almost empty, I guess that's why the scanner took the tickets without problem πŸ™„. Hopefully Shinee will be back soon for a full concert! πŸ‘
kept noticing when Onew came to sing wveryone cheered
@maggieholm I had fun too, let's see who will come next time! πŸ˜ƒ
I saw them too!!! They rocked that stage right after EXO had gotten to it a couple months ago. But it truly was too short! They promised to see us again as EXO did so let's hope both groups keep there promise
Thank you so much for giving me a ride! Hopefully I can see you again for yet another kpop concert! I had so much fun with you! Thank you!