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Well... I guess it's exactly what it sounds like? choose ten anime characters that you'd be willing to kiss. To make it kind of interesting, I'll do five of both.
Welp. My first and number one is Rin Okumura. One of my all time favorite characters along with Kaneki-Kun :3 Next is Natsu and Gray. Either one I'd kiss. Leviiiiiiiii is my hubby so most definitely! And Yato. He's a child like person and can be serious. He reminds me of myself :3
Erza Scarlet. She can be tough when she needs to be and caring too. Lucy Heartfilia. I could connect with this character after the fact I learned she wrote books.. Mikasa Ackerman. Just why not? Too bad Eren :3 Levy Magarden (spelling 0.0) Likes to read and is just fun size? I suppose xD I don't know what I'm saying Cana Alberona. For some reason one of my favorite supporting characters. might be she runs on alcohol?
Ight well, time to tag ten more people! I don't have many friends on here so I am to tag @Boinx and hope for le best! Tagging: no one ╥﹏╥ I'm alone. Do it if you're interested!