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First off! I know in my first card in this collection I said I'd add a card once a week, but that didn't happen - I'm a terrible person! *hides in a corner - so I will be doing a "double update" today. This is the first one. Let's go!


This card contains my PERSONAL thoughts and feelings. Some my find content offensive.
Okay so, I came across a card today (I clipped it to this collection if you want to read it) and it p****d me off. As you can see from the above photo, humanity decided to be really stupid again. B.A.P's Young Jae has been getting a lot of undeserved crap recently because he dyed his hair orange. Apparently some BTS fans accused him of "imitating" and "copying" BTS's Jimin's hair, which is also orange. How immature and stupid can you be? It's K-pop! Everyone has "copied" everyone's hair!
Big Bang's G-Dragon, Infinite's Sung Gyu, and F.T Island's Hong Ki all had orange hair before Jimin and Young Jae. (See photos below)
And as if being petty and immature wasn't enough, they had to be downright mean too. Saying crap like "Young Jae's ugly" "At least Jimin can sing" "Young Jae can't sing or dance" has absolutely nothing to do with hair at all and was not only unnecessary, untrue, and stupid, it was just mean.
This card isn't just about this "Young Jae imitating Jimin" thing, it's more about "fans" and just people in general, being cruel, saying whatever words will hurt most, and just generally being really s****y human beings.
It's like they don't even care (which is probably true) that the person they're talking about is 95% likely to read the hurtful things said about them. Or they just think it won't effect them, which brings me back to the theme of this collection, we are all human, we are all capable of being hurt. Idols too. So please, if anyone reading this has ever said cruel things like these, whether it was on social media or in a letter or a blog, or anything else, things that were meant to cut and scar, please stop. And if you're some sadist who enjoys hurting others, I suggest you go see a psychiatrist.
If Young Jae deleting his selfie (the first one in this card) off of Instagram after all of the mean comments on it doesn't convince you that Idols are indeed not robots, and are capable of getting hurt too, then I don't know what will.
Thank you all who took the time read this. I will be posting the second part of the "double update" this evening, so look forward to that! (sarcastic thumbs up)
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I agree. When i saw this my thoughts went to V and GD, they both have had orange hair, and if i saw that post i would have said well that means jimin is copying GD and V and other idols. So dont be a hypocrite, they just wanted a reason to start complaining, i myself is a army but some armys make me disappointed to call myself a army. I cant handle this fandom, its, disrespectful and rude.
I am actually glad I'm supporting bts by myself then as a army because they have became so fucking rude it's not even funny, do they know that those idol are friends with your "Oppas?" or matter of fact what if your bias saw what you did have you ever thought of that? No, all you care is that you want to put down a person just because you thought he's copying a hair color... god the immature army's making every army look bad for their petty shit
Poor Youngjae. That is the reason I will not call.myself ARMY either.
ok who is saying this? this pissed me seriosuly why do we always have to say someone is trying to be like another's not like they pick what the want to do...geez
does anyone knows a hacker that can create a virus or something where the negative things mentioned can be translated to positive messages? u know like the phone prank where you set the auto-correct for a word to another word? like when you want to type hate but it auto corrects it to love?? that would be cool for someone to develop