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B.A.P ready.!!
So last night I pre-ordered my album and just right now. I bought the coins so I can buy BAPs finale true awake. And by the way. It's 800 coins. It's not bad at all. And it comes with backstage access and close up cam to all the members! :)
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That would be the most perfect boyfriend.!! @LunaCordero
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@YeseniaLira he is cause he hates when I whine haha so Friday I prefer order B.A.P and next month VIXX MONSTA X EXO
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Really?? 😂 and you get the poster free when you pre-order it.! And I love those three groups you just mentioned.!! @LunaCordero
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@YeseniaLira Oh I make a big fuss haha and I use KPOPTOWN.COM and get them expedited cause I hate waiting longer then I have to haha.
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I used kpopmart this time. I usually use kpopmart. But oh well. 😂😂 @LunaCordero
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