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What are you?
Found this and figured why not? More importantly, was hoping someone could tell me to my person is and what anime he's from. I got the tengu, but no idea as to what anime it is and I'm looking to start watching a new one, so if anyone could help that would be awesome
to save people from having to ask, I'll tell you what months I know. Jan- diabolik lovers. mar- assassination classroom. April- black butler. may- Tokyo ghoul. Jun- akatsuki no yona (yona of the red dawn) July- fairy tail Aug- Noragami sept- Noragami nov- akagami no shirayuki-hime (snow white with the red hair) dec- kamisama hajimemashite (kamisama kiss).
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@koolaid2459 it's called sankarea. I haven't seen it yet, which is why it wasn't on the list. I listed the ones I knew because I had seen them.
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demon!!!! 馃槇馃槇馃槇馃懝馃懝馃懞馃懞馃懣馃懣
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@kurochiichii i can totally understand ive seen lots of mc's that have pissed me off to the earths end XD
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