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So this happened...If you are a #MakoHaru shipper, You really should watch #FreeStartingDays. This shit is legit. Just a backstory: Haru's parents left and Mako's family is taking care of him. But because Mako and him argued atvsome point, he stopped eating the food Mako's mom has been preparing him which is why he collapsed. Hence, the hospital bed and that adorable cry face of Mako-chan. Okay I am dying.❤❤❤
This is mild compared to the nighttime pool scene...MokoxHaru has to be cannon after that
@NessaB next to Mako I'd have to choose Sou because he's such a poor lonely soul with a gorgeous body
omg I do love him too. he is just the sweetest most kindest soul hearted person. I love Sosuke and Haru and Rin. I just can't decide which one best
@NessaB i wish a i had a coach like mako. he is my favorite character ugh
@aiaconcarne thank you! I think I'll watch it tomorrow if I can. I just finished watching the anime....I now have this weird urge and need to swim now!!! I wish a guy looked at me the way Haru looks at water. 😂😂 He just wants to be in it all the time. That fish tank at the stire scene cracked me up haha.
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