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I've always loved him and always thought he was beautiful, but I've just discovered that he's my favorite korean actor.
seo in guk is truly talented! the first time I saw him was in Answer Me 1997. He played yoon jae who was the main characters best friend! he portrayed this character in a way where you could feel every emotion his character was going through throughout his teenage to adult life.
I sae him next in Hello Monster (also called I Remember You). He joined forces with the police force to catch the man who murdered his father and kidnapped his younger brother. His whole life he had been accused of being a sociopath but the truth about his character isn't revealed until closer to the end. Also if you need an extra push to watch this drama D.O from EXO is in this drama for a bit :)
I then sae him in a movie called No Breathing. He played a boy whose dad died in a tragic swimming accident. his character is a gifted swimmer but is trying to stay away from it because of his father. He is very immature but he has a big heart. the movie overall was ok, but seo in guk's performance was excellent as always
now I'm watching a drama called Squad 38. he's a swindler who ends up working with a man from city hall to get a wealthy man to pay his taxes. I'm not entirely sure where the story line is going yet but it is very very very interesting!
next on my list is High School King of Savy! if anyone else has any movie/drama recommendations with or without Seo In Guk is love to hear them in the comments!