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Oh my... I just finished watching the latest episode of Re: Zero and I literally cried my eyes out. Why Subaru!? Why'd you reject Rem😭
I personally would have chosen sweet Rem. Ahh feelings have arrived at the worst time😢
i love this anime, but I think i would ho crazy mentally if i were in his place. I've never seen an character go through so much. i mean more than Kaneki from tokyo Ghoul
@Kell13 seriously, but that's what makes it so great!
@Bmondragon93 Man, this anime is just a complete mind fuck.
@Kell13 seriously, I would've gone and have a family with Rem. I feel like they've been through so much together and I can see how Rem fell for Subaru. But as she rejected him too, she at least gave him the reason; however, damn it... Why!?😭
The latest episode is intense I wonder how they will win but from what I've heard we still got more heartaches and gore ahead
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