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Death Note

This I think was the first manga I really went for because I remembered my best friend from high school talking about it a lot, and I had just binged the anime, but I'd heard that they changed the ending, and that the manga was way better. It also struck me as the type of story that's probably better in manga form than anime since it's much more psychological than action based. Unfortunately, I'm still not done because life, but I'm making progress!

Honorable Mention

I've barely read any manga, as of yet, sadly. I read one chapter of Fairy Tail, but decided I wanted to read Death Note first, then the site I was using gave me a virus scare (I prefer paper, but I'm cheap, so I prefer libraries over buying, and, though libraries near me have manga, the selection is very limited, and I can never find the volumes I need). I found another site, but I keep forgetting about it, so progress is slow. Plus for some reason I stopped reading in general, which makes me sad because I used to love reading so much! I swear I reread the entire Pendragon series by DJ MacHale in about my first 3 month of college! Great series, btw, highly recommend! Anyway, I'll stop rambling now!


Hetalia was really technically my first anime, I think, even though I always forget about it, which makes me sad because I really love it! We were collecting library books for vacation, and the library happened to have the first 2 volumes, so I just kinda grabbed them on a whim! Like the anime, it was super funny and adorable, and I think I burned through them before our first day was over!