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Annyeong! I am back with some facts about SHINee~ Let me know if you learned something new :D And what was your favorite fact? Mine is #12.
1. Jonghyun is not afraid of being tickled. 2. Taemin doesn't usually pick up his phone. 3. Onew can forgive a woman that has cheated on him at least 3 times. 4. While Onew, Minho and Taemin prefer a girl with less makeup; more natural. Key states that it is fine as long as it suits the girl. 5. Jonghyun loves pranks, According to him, Taemin is the easiest target. 6. According to the members, Jonghyun has the most female contacts on his phone. 7. Onew relieves his stress by sleeping. 8. The members prefer a girl to wear a skirt over pants but Key prefers shorts. 9. Taemin can't allow someone who has no responsibility. He don't like women who just use aegyo and ask to let the issue go. 10. Everyone in SHINee chose Jonghyun as the member that would not introduce his little sister. 11. In ElleGirl interview, Everyone picked to be reborn as oneself while Key is the opposite to be born as a pretty lady out of the 2 options. 12. According to Jonghyun, The recipe for SHINee: Step 1: Look for flour. Step 2: Accidently dumb flour onto Key . Step 3: Drop a mixing bowl. Step 4: Spend the rest of the day listening to Key's nagging and cleaning up the mess. 13. Taemin once made Jonghyun eat a paper cup. 14. Taemin is the biggest liar according to the members. 15. Jonghyun never lies about his emotions.
16. Most of Minho's clothes were bought by Jonghyun. 17. Key is not a fan of big/long pants on girls. 18. Taemin once asked his hyungs, "Hyung, Do you know what is love?" 19. Minho prefers older women. 20. Once SHINee was asked what kind of girl do they find dazzling, Taemin responded, " Am I the only one who finds girls who are about to get married are really beautiful?" 21. If Jonghyun had to choose only one kind of food to eat, He said Milk Tea and Water. 22. Taemin bought a house and a car for his parents. The house is located in Cheongdam- Dong and the car is foreign made. 23. Onew and Key's favorite song from their Japanese 2nd album 'Boys Meets U' is the song, "Kiss Yo." 24. Onew sleeps with a blanket on his head. 25. Minho would want to play soccer with his girlfriend to show her his skills, and when she knows, they can become closer.
26. Key talks and grinds his teeth in his sleep. 27. Taemin kicks everything in his sleep. 28. Jonghyun believes that Donald Duck is another species of Onew.| 29. Jonghyun wants to experience a dangerous and passionate love, just like in the lyrics of Juliette but he doesn’t want to die. 30. SHINee's job is to find Taemin's things everyday cause they have a forgetful maknae that loses his things easily.