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Genre: Angst, Romance, Angels, Fallen Angels, Supernatural, Demons, Vampires. Pairings: πŸ€”πŸ€” Summary: Demons thrive on life energy and fear, Vampires thrive on blood. Two beings coexist , but should never meet. Chapter: Two A/N: This is inspired by Exo's Monster. Since I love OT12, imma included Lutaoris. Enjoy! _____________________________________ "You knock!" Isabella says hiding behind Thea. "Like hell i will! You knock! You know this guy" she says standing her ground. "Please knock for me! I don't even wanna be here!!" She begs shirking in size. "Ugh, just knock! Or else i swear we'll fail for sure and i'll know who to blame" she says smirking at Isabella's defeated expression. "Ugh fine" she walks forward knocking quietly. "Knock louder! A deaf person wouldn't be able to hear that" Thea says rolling her eyes. Before Isabella can knock a second time the door swings open. The apartment is flooded with darkness. A figure of a well built male walks into view. His hair was messy and golden blonde with hints of darker blonde within them. He has thick lips and well groomed eye brows. Everything looked average except this eyes, they were an unnatural shade of deep red. "K-Kris?" Isabella squeaks. "Hey" he says plainly. "Wow...er...you've changed" she points out. He simply lets out a gruff. Thea began feeling a weird sensation take over but it wasn't that harsh. Seeing Isabella was going no where she nudges her. "Oh! Uh, Kris we were wondering if you could tutor us for an upcoming exam?" She asks as Kris's eyes wonder. He finally sees the company behind her. His eyes go wide as he takes in Thea's presence. He gulps his eyes shining a brighter shade of red. Thea started feeling an intense feeling wield up inside of her again. "T-Tutor? You and your...friend?" He questions. Thea takes this as an opportunity to introduce herself. "Nice to meet you, I'm Thea" she sticks out her hand as he grasps it shaking it. His hand felt ice cold and rock hard against her skin. "Thea? Meaning goddess i believe...interesting" he mummers quietly as if sending a message to her. She felt a shiver crawl down her spine. She didn't like it one bit. They finally lose the grip. Kris runs his hands through his hair. "I have a friend coming over tomorrow for tutoring as well...you guys are feee to join" he offers. Isabella nods. "Sounds great! Right Thea?" She says and Thea numbly nods. "Ok then i'll be seeing you tomorrow then..." With that he shuts the door leaving an awestruck Isabella. "Omg! He changed!! He got buffer, and taller! And hotter if thats possible!!!" She gushes making Thea hmm in response. "Wow you thirsty gurl" Thea teases as Isabella make her way to her apartment taking out her keys. "Oh shuddup bitch" Thea shrugs jokingly "Wanna come over to my place?" She offers as Thea rejects the kind offer. "I cant tonight. I'll see you tomorrow. Goodnight bitch" she says walking to the elevator. "The one and only bitch!!" Isabella calls out before disappearing into her apartment. When she is gone Thea presses the roof floor. She walks out on to the roof. The night sky was beautiful and sucked her in. She sighed out. She relaxed and spread her wings. They weren't like before. Before she had beautiful white wings. After the fall they grew black and tainted with very little feathers. Taking a breath she launches herself into the air and towards her house. As she landed on the roof top of her apartment she quickly rushes inside praying no one saw her. She walks into her apartment and sets her bag down before changing to her pyjamas. She crawls into her comfy bed sighing in relif. Closing her eyes drifting off to a deep sleep. The entire time Kris on her mind. Kris Pov: My head pounded and my teeth throbbed in pain. I sat down on the couch trying to regain control of my body. The fangs tried to spring free from my guns making me groan in agony. I took deep breaths in and out as my brain calmed down. The thirst for blood subsided as i reach out for my phone. Pressing in Lay's number i wait. After three rings he picks up, loud music can be heard in the back ground. The son of a bitch was at a bar. Of course. "What is it?" He says a little irritated. I took on final deep breath before consoling myself. "I think i found her....the fallen angel" Tags: @JarviaKlipka
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