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What is the meaning of this?

why do we ship these niggas. yea its not a bad ship but we know it aint gonna happen. they hardly show any interactions much less love signals so why do we ship 'em. we getting our hopes up but at the end of the day they dont have feelings for each other. ik u probably already did but dont go straight to the comments and say "FUCK U ASSHOLE! BIXANNA IS LIFE" cuz i dont dislike the ship it aint bad i just dont see any reason for it but if u do plz tell me why u ship them cuz im confused about all this
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it's just a ship take it easy
@OtakuDemon10 actually wendy is quite a bit older than romeo cuz of the 7 year time skip. if they look the same age now then romeo is like 7 years younger so that ship is a no can do. wendy is like 21 despite her appearance
@Kell13 yeah that one I'm not so into. They're similar ages, but that's about it
I have no problem with Bixana, but when people started shipping Wendy and Romeo, that's where the problems come in for me...
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