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Was tagged by @BelleofRay! How you play: list 10 people you'd kiss, real or fictional, and what they're from, if applicable, then tag 10 people to play! Rules: 1. If your tagged then you have to do it! 2. It can be anyone. (real/not) 3. Make sure you tell where they're from (anime, game, ect) 4. Have fun!!! HERE ARE MY TEN:
1. Levi from Attack on Titan If you know you could've probably guessed Levi would be my number one in my list.... I mean look at that adorable face! I would kiss him till my last breath...
2. KYOYAAAAA from Ouran Highschool host club He is soooooo cool..... and has GLASSES...... yeah will totally kiss him
3. Gray from Fairy Tail I'm not even gonna explain why just look at him ok... LOOK AT HIM!
4. Jallal from Fairy Tail I love love love love LOVE his hair and body and personality and everything....
5. Tomoe from Kamisama kiss He is just to handsome to not be kissed
6. Haru from Fruits basket He's cool... I'll kiss him
7. Yato from Noragami Yeah I would definitely kiss him
8. Hikaru from OHHC They look the same but are different I would choose Hikaru
9. Zero from Vampire knight He was like my first anime crush so yeah I would totally kiss him
Last but not least... 10. Yaiba from Show By Rock Those glasses (๑♡∀♡๑) and he is in a band (´ ▽`).。o♡ kiss him him with no hesitation
Man, that was difficult, except for Levi that was obvious. Thank you for reading! Imma tag some of you I hope you don't mind: @YumiMiyazaki @HiwaRasul @SimplyAwkward @Nyan @Sharia @MissHitachiin @aiaconcarne @otakukpoper
@BelleofRay Hatori is one of my Fruit Baskets crush too😂
@HiwaRasul Yes. well I mean if you want to
Tomoe and Yato!
@Mikazuki1 it's fine
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