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First of all, #WelcomeBack Wonu!!!! ♡´・ᴗ・`♡ Nothing is greater than seeing all 13 members fill up the stage for 'Aju Nice!' :") i love Seventeen so much Anyway, we're back here today bc Seventeen couldn't resist slaying us w a cute then dark concept (someone send me help pls)
here we see the members having fun (i wish i was there o man) and it's always great to see them all together!! no one missed wonwoo more than svt!!
LOOK AT MY BOY MINGHAO LOOK AT HOW HE SHINES (all of them do really) He looks like an angel i cry :* don't sleep on him!! seriously, i need more photos of him- we all do okay?
CONGRATULATIONS SEVENTEEN!!!! Keep fighting and do what you guys love, Carats will be right behind you guys all the way and like a mountean, you boys will reach the top!! ♡ // credits to fansites and posts on tumblr + twitter/
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