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The Pokèmon Go! Creators are already bringing Second Generation!!

Once the Player has more than 50 Pokèmon and has seen over 100 Pokèmon in thier original Pokèdex they are rewarded with a new Pokèdex!! Now extending the Pokèdex up to 251!! This would commence the beginning of catching the Second Generation Pokèmon!!

They are even letting Pokèmon lay EGGS!! So now you would be able to hatch your Pokèmon's eggs creating a new Pokèmon! The best part is even if you are creating new Pokèmon it wont get in the way of the Original Pokèdex and still letting you have all the fun!

After you are passed the Egg Hatching Process... Some of the Pokèmon you weren't able to Evolve before are able to now! Some will be like before by using Candy. Some will require Chance! (Such as the Eevee's!) Once you are able to recive Chance (You can get them at Pokè Stops!) You can use them in Conjuction with the Candies making it possible to evovle the Pokèmon you desire!

Once you are done with all of the following from above The Professor will Congratulate you! Them and there the Professor will show you the NEW STARTERS! Just like in the beginning he will offer you a choice of 3 Pokèmon! After you choose your starter the Second Generation Pokèmon will begin to appear just like the First Generation!

I honestly haven't seen 100 Pokèmon yet so I cant assure you if this Update is for real but then again why would they be so precise about it! I cant wait for this to come to me! I hope you guys keep hunting for Pokèmon because the more you catch the more will come!!

I just need to see 3 more new Pokémon to get the new Pokédex!! *-*
@AimeBolanos yeah but gen 3 will be out
@AimeBolanos Will do
When it's possible to catch a Lugia, I'll re-download Pokémon Go.
noooooo not yet I'm gonna be buried under pokemon
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