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Hi everyone! Jiji here! As you know my bestest friends @Helixx and @LemonLassie went to Kcon LA and had tons of fun! Now this card is to show you what these two wonderful girls did for me since I unfortunately couldn't go and can't until a few years out *insert crying face*
First of all they got me AWESOME photos of Monsta X (I.M and Wonho lookin so fine)
This is probably one of my favorite things ever. They got JunCurryAhn to say hi to me and I sat in my room dyiiinnggg!! I love him sooooo much!
And these ladies did this. I was definitely there in spirit and even though seeing myself like that is so creepy, I can't help but love it and just be so happy that I have amazing friends like them.
Thank you girls for creeping me out but also making me so incredibly happy
And finally, this. JRE once again saying hi to me and I just cannot stop smiling. You girls are the best friends I could ever ask for. These surprises were wonderful ^_^
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Hahaha we love you so much we couldn't help but plan this for months!
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that is the most nicest thing ever possible
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We love you Jiji! You were there with us every step of the way!!!
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That is so amazing!!!! You have the greatest friends ever!!!!! That's so awesome 😂
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